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We take our job very seriously. Quality, Attention To Detail and Fair Pricing. It’s what we do best, day In. Day Out.


We have combined decades of experience to produce a service and experience tailored to your specific needs.


Whether its people we work for, or people who work for us, we value honesty, passion and the desire to do job well done..

We Are Passionate About Shipping. We Are Committed To Your Satisfaction. We Are Crazy About Logistics!

Neighborhood Parcel was founded in 2007 to be a new alternative to the Big store chains and a better choice for International Shipping Services in the Boston MA Area. We can ship just about anything anywhere in the world via a robust network of Ground, ocean and Air Cargo carriers

International Shipping Company You Can trust! We Are Passionate About Logistics, International Shipping and Freight Forwarding. Getting it done right the first time!

Neighborhood Parcel, an International shipping, Moving and document shredding service center was founded in 2006 by our CEO Mr. Hanson Bechat after a long and productive career at FedEx and DHL as Operations Manager. The purpose was clear and that is to offer a one stop solution to International shipping, packaging and moving services. In 2007 we were proud to introduce document destruction service and pleased to say that 60% of our business is repeat business! As an independent Authorized shipping center, we can deliver a personalized service plan at fraction of the cost others charge. Why? We don’t pay Franchise fees, Loyalty Fees or extravagant CEO salaries! From Management to our entry level employees, we all share the same passion and commitment to getting the job done right the first time. But the most important part is that we are small business that is locally owned and operated. Neighborhood Parcel is a long term and proud member of the RS Central, AMPC, NPC and BNBA Business Chamber 

Whenever I sold something on eBay: An old watch, overgrown clothes or old electronics, I dreaded going to my local Post Office. I did not like long wait in lines or rude staff. I remember this lady behind the counter that was so rude I often drive extra miles to another post office to avoid dealing with her. That is when the idea of offering a new alternative to the Post Office came along and I founded Neighborhood Parcel to be a friendly place where local people and businesses can come ship their packages in fast and efficient manner. Said Hanson Bechat / Founder

Our Mission

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Making business easier through our service and distribution network, delivering personalized and convenient business solutions with world-class customer service at the lowest possible cost.

Our Philosophy


Strong Business Ethics that are built on trust and honesty.Community driven mentality. Provide great service and convenience. Offer fair pricing for everything we do. Do More with less everyday


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We are celebrating our independence from the other large retail shipping franchises. Independently owned means no Franchise or Royalty fees, so we can pass the savings to our loyal clients

Deliver real, measurable results, that’s what we do best.

We love Logistics! That is why we spent the last decade perfecting and improving our network and equipments, not only to continue to be the market leader in International shipping and freight forwarding but also to offer the most aggressive pricing that will meet your budget. Our dedication to World-class service does not stop here, our International Shipping experts will monitor your shipment from pick up to delivery to ensure that your valuable merchandise is delivered safely and on time. Join the thousands that chose us for their International shipping and moving service needs.

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We believe in excellence and fair pricing and we feel that you will be pleasantly surprise when you decide to work with us

It takes a village! getting your packages delivered on time, safely and within your budget is not easy.. It take a string dedication to service and logistics, we have gathered a hand picked list of shipping and packaging carriers that are proven to meet our “stress test” they have proven to get the job done! Neighborhood Parcel has a long list of international shipping carriers that are well established in the world like FedEx Express, DHL, TNT, UPS and top of the line Ocean and Air Cargo shipping firms.