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We know that you are looking for a shredding service that is secure yet fair in its pricing. While others hide their rates in hope for a Bait and Switch; Our document shredding Rates are posted online for all to see including our competitors. Others make you fill forms to collect and sell your contact details, others will have you call some remote office to get a shredding quote just to find out that it did not include their hidden charges like: Fuel, Environment surcharges and additional per minute rates. Our Document shredding rates are all inclusive!

“Nobody like to be Nickeled And Dimmed to death! Or getting the short end of the stick when it comes to receiving any kind of service. That is why when we launched this service, we made sure that all our pricing are clear, simple to understand and honest. But most importantly, the rates are posted online for all to see including our competitors! Try calling one them and see if they will give you a quote right away or a clear answer. Often what you get (if you get it) Is a ball park estimate that you know will go up by the time you get invoiced”

Hanson Bechat C.E.O / Founder

Why Hire Us

  • Locally Owned and Operated business since 2006.bnba-endorsement-
  • A+ Rating with the Business Chamber and BBB.
  • Flat Rate and Fair Pricing guarantee.
  • AAA Certified Shredding Plant.
  • Daily Shredding Of Your Material.
  • All Plant Employees Undergo Cori Checks.
  • Our Drivers undergo Random drug test and FBI background checks.
  • GSA Government Contractor.
  • Minority Owned Business
  • 7 Days a week service.

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Get Our Lowest Paper Shredding service rates or book your next service today! We believe in fair and honest pricing and we wont sell your information to other companies like others do!

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