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Students in The Boston and Lowell area who are graduating from local Schools and Colleges like MIT, Harvard and Umass are happy to move back home but often lack the time and expertise to pack their dorms furniture for moving. Neighborhood Parcel can help in making any move fast, convenient and affordable. With over a decade of experience in help college student move out, we can do it better than anyone else! Our staff is fully trained to package your dorm furniture for domestic and International moves, our company is fully bonded, insured and our agents are NVOCC certified by the Federal Maritime Commission.

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International Moving doesn’t have to cost you a fortune if you hire the right company. Neighborhood Parcel has decades of experience in helping area residents with local or long distance moves. We offer services in packing, storage, and delivery anywhere in the world. Our experienced crew is trained to help you pack up your place quickly and carefully, and you will be offered all the necessary moving supplies. Your packages will arrive safely to their destinations and you will have money left to decorate your new place!

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