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Mailbox Rental Rates

Our U.S Mailbox rental rates are very competitive and will ensure that your U.S mail gets delivered safely to its destination using a wide network of carriers such as FedEx, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, US Mail, Express, and Priority Mail, DHL, UPS, UPS Cargo Freight and much more. Feel free to call us with any questions at (978)851-0199 or visit our Mail Forwarding Guide here. Join the hundreds of Boston MA residents and International clients that took advantage of our low rates and our secure US Mailbox rental service today!

[alert type=”alert-warning” close=”yes”]Our U.S Mailbox Address will be like this:
1215 Main St
PMB 115-FR-123
Tewksbury MA 01876[/alert]

“I wish I knew about this earlier, this service is far superior to the U.S Post Office mailbox rental, my favorite option is the Free Emails, No more unnecessary trips to the U.S Post Office”

Allen George Lowell MA

“Hi Guys, I was on a business trip and needed my mail forwarded to me in France, the digital mail option was worth it! I received my mail quickly and I highly recommend your U.S Mail Forwarding service”

Monica McMann Canada

Now I can get my FedEx and UPS packages without the hassle of missing my deliveries, Your mailbox allowed me to pick up my mail when I want and keep my home address private. I just renewed my service for another year and want to thank you and your entire staff for the support they provide American Expats overseas and ensuring that the U.S mail follows us anywhere in the world”

Mrs. Santos UAE

[title text=”Mailbox Rental Plans” size=”h2″]

[price type=”recommend” title=”Small Mailbox” price=”$149.95″ plan=”/ Year” btn_text=”Apply Here” btn_url=””]

  • Genuine US Street Address.
  • Not A P.O Box.
  • Receive FedEx; UPS Packages.
  • Free Email Notification.
  • Secure Storage Facility.
  • Free Consolidation.
  • Shop 4 Million Retailers.


[price title=”Large Mailbox” price=”$295.95″ plan=”/ Year” btn_text=”Apply Here” btn_url=””]

  • Larger Storage.
  • Free Email Notification.
  • Free Consolidation.
  • Discount Shipping.
  • Add up to 5 People free.
  • Optional Digital mail Scans.
  • Free Mailbox Management


[price type=”recommend” title=”Virtual Office” price=”$499.95″ plan=”/ Year” btn_text=”Apply Here” btn_url=””]

  • Genuine U.S Address .
  • Authentic U.S Phone Line.
  • Free Dedicated Fax line.
  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Free Consolidation.
  • Full Access to Executive Desk.
  • Mailbox Cloud Management.


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