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May 2019

Post Office Mailbox Rental Fees

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Do you ever wonder how much is Mailbox Rental Fee in Boston area? Do you love having a mailbox but hate the stigma of a PO Box? Look no further than Neighborhood Parcel, we have the lowest Mailbox Rental Rates in the area and we can provide you with a luxury Street Address in the heart of Tewksbury MA Downtown area!

September 2018

Mail Forwarding For American Expats

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Moving abroad can be a fun and wonderful experience for most American Citizens. A common concern for most American Expats is what happens to all the U.S Mail like bills, statements, IRS notices, etc.. Without having a U.S address, this mail is subject to be returned to senders and can disappear or fall in the wrong hands! Here is what you are supposed to do? Should you burden a family member with your mail? Your sensitive tax returns? W4’s? Haven’t established a U.S residence in your new home, how can you still receive USPS mail there? The solution is very simple and affordable.

February 2015

5 Worst Countries To Ship To

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Neighborhood Parcel came up with top 5 worst international destinations to ship to. The list was compiled based on actual consumer experience and survey of local clients that ship to these destinations on regular basis. The International shipping difficulties came in variety of ways from having unclear import tax policies, delayed clearance process, heavy bureaucracy and local corruption.

September 2014

10 Reasons To Rent A Mailbox

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Neighborhood Parcel is an Authorized USPS Mailbox Holder, trusted for a decade to handle public mail securely and in compliance with U.S Postal rules and regulations. But why should you dish out the money to rent a Mailbox? here few reasons you should rent a mailbox from us:
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