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More and more companies are centralizing their Human Resources departments and in need of agents to help them validate the I-9 forms. Consequently, more employers are asking prospective remote employees to find a Massachusetts Notary to help complete the forms.

According to the USCIS Handbook for Employers, employers “may designate someone to fill out Forms I-9 for you, such as a personnel officer, foreman, agent, or anyone else acting on your behalf, such as a notary public” You must complete form I-9 and bring original IDs to verify your eligibility to work in the U.S along with your employer email and instructions. Our Notary Public has the full discretion to complete your I-9 as a designee of your employer and reserve the right to refuse assistance.

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What Is The I-9 Form?

The I-9 form, issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) verifies the identity and employment eligibility for employees hired in the U.S. The form is to be completed by both the employee and the employer (or authorized representative). As part of the process, the employee must present documents verifying his or her eligibility to work in the U.S., and the employer (or authorized representative) must physically examine these documents.

How Much Will Notary Charge For I-9?

If you are acting as an authorized representative, then handling the I-9 form would not be considered a notarial act, and therefore not within the scope of state mandated fees for performing notarial services. As with any non-notarial services provided, the Notary is free to determine the fee for providing the service of signing the I-9 form. Our Notary public may assist you for a reasonable fee.

Do I-9 Forms Require Notarization?

As of today, there is no certificate wording included in the I-9 form, nor is a Notary asked to affix his or her seal to the form, so the answer is no. When an employer designates a Notary Public or other individual to complete a Form I-9, that person is designated as an “authorized representative.” The representative is simply asked to certify that the appropriate identity documents were presented (as explained in Section 2 of the I-9 form).

The authorized representative must review the employee’s identity documents while the employee is in their presence and then complete Section 2. The authorized representative does not perform a notarization or affix a Notary seal to the I-9 since they are not acting as an official Notary Public. In the title field in Section 2, the Notary should write “authorized representative.”

Though the form itself does not require notarization, there are times when an employer will present a new employee with an email instructing him or her to take the form to a Notary for completion. In these cases, the Notary is advised to ask the signer for a copy of the email, which he or she can then keep, verifying that you acted within the employer’s request.

If instructions do not accompany the I-9 form, and the employee is not able to contact the employer, then there is no law prohibiting the Notary from completing the form — as long as it is clear the Notary is acting as an authorized representative, and not as a Notary.

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Our Notary Public has the full discretion to complete your I-9 as a designee of your employer and reserve the right to refuse assistance.


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Jeff D Chelmsford, MA

This is the only location that I could find that was able to notarize my signatures and verify my documents for my new job. The I-9 notarization was by appointment and was quick. I highly recommend them. Their office is right on Main St, near the library. I was able to get my documents notarized and overnighted to my new employer the same day! Great service A+

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