When it comes to shipping overseas, not all shipping companies are the same. There is an alarming number of companies that are a fly-by-night websites promoting moving and International shipping services for a fraction of the cost! They are often data farms that collect your personal move data and contact details and resell it to the highest bidder. They do not have offices in your town and relay on a website to conduct all their business. But when you hire Neighborhood Parcel, you are hiring an actual International shipper with offices in Boston Massachusetts, Florida, and South Carolina. We have staff that can answer all your questions and guide you throughout the process.

With over a decade of experience, Neighborhood Parcel can handle all of your shipping and packaging service needs. From crating, palettizing to Ocean Container Cargo loading. No job is too big or too small for us. Give us a call today at (978)851-0199

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[call_to_action style=”bar” title=”Request A Free Shipping Quote” size=”big” btn_title=”Quote Request” url=”https://www.internationalmovingrates.com/index.php?a=add” btn_color=”deepskyblue” effect=”bounceInUp”]Getting a Free shipping Quote is really easy, simply complete attached to the link, we will send you a confirmation via email and a quote will be processed in 24-48 Hrs.[/call_to_action][blockquote border_color=”#b2c19b”]I needed to ship my luggage overseas and was very hard to find a good shipping rate. The Airlines wanted over $1200 to ship my luggage. My friend recommended Neighborhood Parcel Ocean Cargo service and I am glad she did. Tom and Michelle were great. They answered all my questions and did everything they promised. I was nervous leaving my dorm and losing my clothing but this company did not disappoint me. I am glad to give them 5 stars for their customer service and reliability.

Elena Borowski Boston MA

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Partial load consignments are returned to our Boston warehouse where they will be crated or palletized. They will then be shipped through one of our carefully selected NVOCC’s (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier). LTL is the most economical way to ship Household Goods, Luggage, Furniture and low volume without investing in a Full Container load. All shipments are processed a DDU, (Delivered Duty Unpaid)
Full container Load of household goods will be loaded at your home whenever possible. Carriers often allow for 3 Hrs live load. We can also load and package your goods into the Ocean Container.  Once sealed, the container will travel directly to the Boston port or your nearest gateway and will not be opened again unless required for U.S customs inspection.

Prior to the shipment’s departure, you will be provided with the shipment’s departure date, complete sailing details including the estimated arrival date and a point of contact at your destination. Once the vessel leaves the port, you will receive a Bill Of Lading to help you clear Customs at destination and pick up your material.