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Looking to ship letters or packages to the Dominican Republic? Look no further than Neighborhood Parcel, with over a decade in international shipping services to the Islands, Neighborhood Parcel will make sure your valuable shipment to the Dominican Republic get delivered on time and within your budget. We offer a wide menu of international shipping carriers for your transit time and budget requirements. DHL has the fastest transit time to Santo Domingo while FedEx offers a more economical and slower service.

When shipping to the Dominican Republic, you have to make sure your export paperwork is completed properly and correctly to avoid delivery delays and possible confiscation by the Customs Department. Often most of the electronics like iPhone, Tablets, and Cameras get stuck in customs and require constant follow-up and pressure to get the shipment released. Often these items will never get delivered to its destination if you ship by Post Office due to the corruption of the Mail system from what we heard from multiple clients. Our advice is to pay a little extra by using these private carriers and have your package in trustworthy hands.

We are often asked what is the fastest way to ship a letter to Santo Domingo and from our experience, DHL is your fastest delivery courier. FedEx offers the same level but relies more and more on Independent Contractors which make delivery and transit times less reliable. Letters don’t usually go through customs expect for Xray scanning and get delivered in 1 to 3 Business Days. Packages depending on size and value undergo Customs Inspections and may be taxed as a foreign import making delivery time go from 5 to 20 Business Days. When shipping electronics to the Dominican Republic, be aware and ready to pay Duty Taxes. The default is that the recipient is responsible for payment unless you make prior arrangement to cover the taxes ahead of time.

Larger shipment and relocations are often handled by our Ocean Cargo Department, they can transit to the country in 4 to 6 weeks depending on the season, and the customs process. It is always a good idea to ship early and allow for the unknown! Ocean shipping rates are very cheap in comparison to Express Air Services. You can ship your household goods in Cardboard Boxes, Barrels, Crates, Palettes or Containers.


DHL Express
Megacentro 1er N Paseo de la Tierra
Carretera Mella esq. San Vicente Paul
Santo Domingo Oriental

DHL Dominicana SA
Av. Estrella Sadhala 11

FedEx World Service Center
Ave de los Proceres Esq Erick Leonard Ekman[Arroyo Hondo] Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional
809 565 3636

FedEx World Service Center

Aeropuerto Internacional del Cibao[Licey] Santiago, Santiago
Tel. 809-565-363


[call_to_action style=”bar” title=”Discounted Shipping Rates To Dominican Republic” size=”big” btn_title=”Free Quote” url=”http://www.internationalmovingrates.com/index.php?a=add” btn_color=”orange”]Exclusive Discounted Shipping Rates To Dominican republic[/call_to_action][blockquote]I had to ship my passport back to Santo Domingo and did not trust the post office who lost two of my previous shipments. I did not mind traveling from Haverhill to Lowell to make sure that my letter gets delivered safely. The staff at this office is very friendly, they packaged my passport and helped me process the FedEx Shipment quickly. I am glad to report that my letter was delivered in two days and I am glad to recommend Neighborhood Parcel for all your shipping needs. I know I will never set foot at the Post Office again!

Maria L Haverhill MA