Notary Public Near Lowell Massachusetts

Are you looking ofr Notary Public Near me in Tewksbury or Lowell MA? When you need a document notarized, signature witnessed or Oath Administration, Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury MA is the place! We have Commissioned Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at our convenient location in downtown Tewksbury MA. Our Business center is conveniently located and one stop shop for all your document service and shipping needs: You can Notarize, copy, Fax and overnight your documents in one-stop shop!

Responsibilities of a Notary Public

A Massachusetts notary public is a public servant performing a public duty. As such, according to (May 2004);

  • A notary public is empowered to: administer oaths and affirmations; perform acknowledgments and Jurats, and witness signatures; issue subpoenas; protest commercial papers, and be present at the removal of the contents of bank safe deposit boxes.
  • A notary public may witness documents for use in Massachusetts and in other states. However, a notary public may only witness documents so long as he or she is physically present in Massachusetts at the time of the notarization.
  • Notaries public cannot decline to notarize a document solely because a person is not conducting business at the notary public’s employer. For example, if the notary public works in a bank, the notary public cannot decline to notarize a document because a person is not a client.massachusetts-Mobile-Notary
  • The notary public must ask for and receive satisfactory evidence of identity (e.g. driver’s license, passport)

We can perform any Massachusetts Notarial act that is available in the state of Massachusetts, including:

  • Jurat / Affidavit Sworn statement.
  • Acknowledgment.
  • Signature Witness.
  • Notarized Copy.
  • Oath Administration.
  • Mobile Notary.
  • Weekend Notary.
  • After Hours Notary.

As a one-stop service, we can ship your notarized document via FedEx, UPS, DHL or the U.S Mail when you’re done! a free complimentary xerox copy is available upon request.

Tips from Notary Public:

  • Do not sign your document in advance. Most forms of notarization require the notary to witness the signature.
  • All signers who are to have their signature notarized must be present with proper government ID.
  • Proper ID is one that has been issued by a government agency, is not expired and contains the signer’s photograph and signature.

MA State law prohibits notarization of any documents that are not completely filled out.  If blank spaces are left, you must cross them out or write “N/A” so that nobody could later enter data that would be harmful to you.  Signature lines that are to be signed later are the only items that may be left blank. We do not notarize Form I-9, the form is to be completed by the employer and not our Notary. We also offer a more convenient Mobile Notary Service where we send our Staff to perform service at your house, office, Hospital, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Locations.

Tewksbury MA Notary Location:

We are conveniently located at The Claddagh Office Park n Main St, diagonal to Tewksbury Public Library, free parking and convenient office hours. Notary service is performed daily at our Tewksbury MA office address and By Appointment ONLY Call (978)851-0199

Mobile Notary Public

Mobile Notary Choice

When you are too busy to come to our office within office hours, we send our Mobile Notary service to you! We will show up at your Doorstep, Office, Hospital, Elder Care and Senior living location, or any mutually agreed location. We will process your documents, witness signatures and administer oath efficiently and on time. Mobile Notary Rates from $49.95 including travel time fee and mileage.

Contact us today or call (978)851-0199 to schedule your Mobile Notary service in Andover, Acton, Billerica, Chelmsford, Concord, Dracut, Lowell, Malden, Methuen, Tewksbury, Westford, Wilmington, Woburn, Massachusetts.

Tewksbury MA Notary Public Location