Moving abroad can be a fun and wonderful experience for most American Citizens. A common concern for most American Expats is what happens to all the U.S Mail like bills, statements, IRS notices, etc.. Without having a U.S address, this mail is subject to be returned to senders and can disappear or fall in the wrong hands! Here is what you are supposed to do? Should you burden a family member with your mail? Your sensitive tax returns? W4’s? Haven’t established a U.S residence in your new home, how can you still receive USPS mail there? The solution is very simple and affordable.

American Expats Need A Reliable Mail Forwarder

American Expats are relying on our Mail forwarding. You sign up, obtain a U.S mailing address and on your way you go! We are a trusted service for all your mail and packages forwarding service needs. Not only that we will provide you an approved U.S Street address Mailbox, but we can also open and scan your mail then deliver it instantly into your inbox! With our mail forwarding service, you won’t miss a beat. This is perfect for Expats and international shoppers. You won’t have to worry about stopping any subscriptions, you know exactly where your mail is going, and you have direct access to these items online.

American Expats Mail Forwarder

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