Return Counterfeit merchandise

Shipping A DHL Package To China

So you saved few bucks and got Hair Wig, an Apple iPad or a pair of Uggs from your trusted Chinese vendor? just to learn that they were counterfeit or not as described! The merchant asks you to return the merchandise to get your refund but the return must be done by DHL. Well, join the hundreds of disappointed U.S shoppers! Being in the shipping business for a long time, we see customers on a daily basis walking back with their packages after learning the price to ship and return their merchandise to China far exceeds the purchase price!

We started to believe that Chinese merchant knows the DHL shipping rate of the return will impair the refund process and they get to keep the proceeds while the U.S consumers lick they wounds and swallow their loss. Chinese merchandise is often counterfeit and hence very cheap in comparison to the genuine product. They do an excellent job duplicating the retail packaging and use brand logos on their website leading consumers to believe that they are the real McCoy!worldwide shipping service

If you are buying a Pair of Ugg that usually goes for $250.00 and you are getting theme for $75.00 then a red flag should be raised, think about it: Ugg is an Australian company and they are not shipping from China! in this example returning the box of Ugg boots will cost you $150 on the low side so the math does not work. It is simply not worth returning. Being a proud American corporation, we hate to see our neighbors and proud citizens being taken advantage of so we offer these suggestions in hope of helping you recover your money:

  • Call Your Credit Card Company

We hope that you made the purchase using Credit Card or PayPal, in this case the purchase can be refunded if you file “Not As Advertised Claim” You have 30 days usually to file the claim and make sure you tell them that it is against US postal Inspector rules and USPS guidelines to ship counterfeit so if they ask you to return it tell them that they are asking you to break the law! (USPS fraud division on that one (800)372-8347)

  • Negotiate with seller

eBay and Amazon vendors fear the effects of negative feedback so use that to your advantage and ask them for a refund in exchange for keeping quite or report them to the Marketplace fraud and security teams. Often they will refund you if they know you are not going away. Your other choice if to offer to return the merchandise if they provide you with their DHL account number or pre-paid label so you won’t end up wasting more of your hard earned money.

  • Report Merchant

This is often overlooked, honestly I don’t know if there is any success in doing it but we owe it to our peers to report rogue merchants so others won’t fall, victim, if Apple and Microsoft lose the sale, there will be some indirect consequences to follow leading to lost jobs, poor economy, etc.. Here are few agencies that you need to notify:

  1. Report fake goods

  2. Counterfeit Report