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International Air Cargo shipping service from Boston MA, robust network of international shipping and moving carriers and competitive Air Cargo service rates

January 2018

International Shipping Services

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Neighborhood Parcel is the leading Boston area DHL shipping center, located in Lowell and Boston MA, we are proud to help area residents and businesses connect with the rest of the world. DHL can help you ship your documents and valuable parcel to over 220 Worldwide destinations.

September 2017

International Ocean Shipping Service

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When it comes to shipping overseas, not all shipping companies are the same. There is an alarming number of companies that are a fly-by-night websites promoting moving and International shipping services for a fraction of the cost! They are often data farms that collect your personal move data and contact details and resell it to the highest bidder. They do not have offices in your town and relay on a website to conduct all their business

March 2014

What Is the Cheapest Way To Ship Overseas

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What is the cheapest way to ship your package you asked? Well, FedEx, DHL and UPS promise certain benefits in exchange for their service fees. All provide point-by-point tracking and on time delivery money-back guarantees for their international shipping services. The only Postal Service option that includes those perks is the most expensive, Express Mail, which offers overnight delivery to most domestic locales but don't get your hopes up, their express international service is not even in the same league
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