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Boston International and domestic moving service, offering competitive moving rates via Air and ocean cargo services in Metro Boston MA. We take the mystery off Moving! Call us today for a free moving quote

August 2019

International Moving Service

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Boston area residents and students have trusted Neighborhood Parcel to handle all their International Moving Service needs for over a decade! Our Movers have the expertise to help you package your Household and ship them overseas at some of the lowest Moving Rates in the area. We can help you package and move a house full of furniture or simply a few boxes of your books and clothing. We can customize a moving plan for you that is both efficient and cost-effective.

August 2018

Neighborhood Parcel Menu Of Services

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List of Neighborhood Parcel service you may not know about! Learn more at #shipping #FedEx #DHL #UPS Neighborhood Parcel is an Authorized Shipping Center for FedEx (FASC), UPS (ASO), Post Office Vendor, and DHL Shipping Center (DSC), serving Metro Boston MA, and the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts.

September 2017

International Ocean Shipping Service

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When it comes to shipping overseas, not all shipping companies are the same. There is an alarming number of companies that are a fly-by-night websites promoting moving and International shipping services for a fraction of the cost! They are often data farms that collect your personal move data and contact details and resell it to the highest bidder. They do not have offices in your town and relay on a website to conduct all their business

May 2016

College Move Out

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When it comes to College Move-Out Service, trust a company that has been helping Students for over a decade with their Domestic and International Moves. We have the expertise to help you package your dorm furniture and ship it across town or the Atlantic Ocean! We have a vast network of Air, Ground and Ocean Shipping carriers that you can choose from. Get the peace of mind you deserve by hiring a professional Mover like Neighborhood Parcel.

August 2015

How to select the best International shipping service

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Many people are simply scared to select an international shipping service because of horrific stories shared by relations of disappointments experienced in moving their goods across different international destinations. If you share this feeling, all I can say is fear no more and read through this article because we share your concerns too.

February 2015

5 Worst Countries To Ship To

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Neighborhood Parcel came up with top 5 worst international destinations to ship to. The list was compiled based on actual consumer experience and survey of local clients that ship to these destinations on regular basis. The International shipping difficulties came in variety of ways from having unclear import tax policies, delayed clearance process, heavy bureaucracy and local corruption.

September 2014

International Shipping To France

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Whether you are shipping document, samples, personnel effects, crates or heavy machinery you are at the right place. Neighborhood Parcel provides the most reliable and the cheapest international shipping to France. International Shipping to France is now much easier with our Air Freight, Ocean Cargo and Express door-to-door services. You can choose service, get free rate quotes and monitor your shipment to ship to France on ship-to-France.

March 2014

Ship Barrels Overseas

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Moving oversea is definitely not an easy task and not a do-it-yourself job! There are many challenges to consider when planning an international move. You should consider the followings: What is the best way to pack your belongings to minimize breakage and yet save space? What is the most cost-effective way to transport your household to its destination in Africa, Europe, Asia or Latin America?

February 2014

International Shipping To Saudi Arabia

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International Shipping to Saudi Arabia can be difficult and confusing. One has to consider a few things before shipping to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. The appropriate paperwork, special fees, and attention to various regulations must be paid.This is where an international shipping company like us could prove very useful. Neighborhood Parcel have set procedures for making these types of moves and would be able to provide a homeowner with the experience needed to successfully move or ship packages to Saudi Arabia.

November 2012

International Shipping and Packaging Tips

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How to Save Money on International shipping charges? Shipping and packaging tips that will help you get your gifts and packages delivered safely and economically. Neighborhood Parcel of Lowell MA can help you make shipping and packaging simple and affordable.
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