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International shipping service Company Of Boston MA offering Air, Ocean, Ground Freight shipping choices that will fit all your shipping and budget needs. Voted Best International shipping service in Boston MA for 5 years in row

August 2019

International Moving Service

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Boston area residents and students have trusted Neighborhood Parcel to handle all their International Moving Service needs for over a decade! Our Movers have the expertise to help you package your Household and ship them overseas at some of the lowest Moving Rates in the area. We can help you package and move a house full of furniture or simply a few boxes of your books and clothing. We can customize a moving plan for you that is both efficient and cost-effective.

January 2019

International Shipping Center

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Neighborhood Parcel has over a decade of experience in International Shipping, Packaging and Freight forwarding services. It is the leading DHL, FedEx, and UPS international shipping center for Tewksbury, Dracut, Methuen, Boston, Andover, Lawrence, Billerica, Lowell and Haverhill MA since 2007.

November 2018

FedEx Shipping Center Near Lowell MA

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Neighborhood Parcel is my favorite shipping center, far better than the FedEx Office in Chelmsford. Their staff is friendly, always willing to help and their shipping rates are lower than the FedEx Office shipping rates. I get my FedEx supplies there for free and they do not surcharge me for address corrections, pickup fees and all the hidden charges I get from the other shipping center. I love this place and I am happy to support this small business. Minutes away from Lowell MA

September 2018

DHL Shipping Discount Coupon

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Ship today and save $15 Off your next DHL shipment by using this DHL Coupon! You can count on the global expertise of DHL Express, the pioneer in international shipping service. Rely on our vast global network, competitive rates and industry-leading transit times to get your time-critical shipments where they need to be. We have daily pickups and serve the following destinations on daily basis: Cambodia, Kenya, Cameroon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Haiti, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Europe, Australia, Turkey, Latin America, and Asia.

August 2018

Neighborhood Parcel Menu Of Services

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List of Neighborhood Parcel service you may not know about! Learn more at #shipping #FedEx #DHL #UPS Neighborhood Parcel is an Authorized Shipping Center for FedEx (FASC), UPS (ASO), Post Office Vendor, and DHL Shipping Center (DSC), serving Metro Boston MA, and the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts.

DHL Shipping Services

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Lowell MA DHL Express International shipping service to over 212 world destination, on time delivery of your valuable shipment. Save up to 45%over competition. DHL express shipping can get your package delivered to Africa, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia and anywhere in the world fast and affordable. Lowell Area Residents can now take advantage of free drop off and Free packaging service for all their DHL international shipments.

March 2018

DHL International Shipping Andover MA

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Andover MA Residents and Local businesses can now utilize DHL International shipping service through the partnership we have with DHL-USA, as a DHL international shipping center, Neighborhood Parcel can offer you the peace of mind that your international package will arrive to its destination safely and without delay. We have decades of International shipping and packaging experience, we can help you complete all required paperwork to ensure that your shipment will not be delayed by customs or miss-delivered.

FedEx Shipping Center For Andover MA

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Neighborhood Parcel is your nearest FedEx Shipping Center, where you can ship via FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight. We have decades of experience in the shipping and packaging industry, we have been serving the Andover MA area since 2005. Neighborhood Parcel can process your FedEx Returns and Free FedEx Drop-offs. Andover MA area residents and businesses can access a wide menu of services at our office, from shipping to packaging. Nothing is too big or too small to handle, call us today at (978)851-0199 to see how we can help you with your next FedEx Domestic or International shipping needs.

January 2018

International Shipping Services

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Neighborhood Parcel is the leading Boston area DHL shipping center, located in Lowell and Boston MA, we are proud to help area residents and businesses connect with the rest of the world. DHL can help you ship your documents and valuable parcel to over 220 Worldwide destinations.

December 2017

Where Do I Ship My Holiday Gifts

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This Holiday season, void the long lines at the Tewksbury Post Office and head over to Neighborhood Parcel Shipping Center where our knowledgeable staff will help you package and ship all your Holiday Gifts. Relay on Neighborhood Parcel to have your gifts delivered on time for Christmas.
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