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Massachusetts Privacy Law. The provisions of this regulation apply to all persons that own or license personal information about a resident of the Commonwealth.

March 2014

Why Document Security So Critical?

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In today’s age identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S. With 13 million victims yearly, identity theft is increasingly becoming an industry that pays organized criminals billions of dollars every year. Criminals will use confidential information to create fake IDs and attempt to make purchases, set up accounts, and carry out business transactions using someone’s information. They may seek this information from various places, including banks, medical facilities, or homeowner’s trash cans.

August 2011

Document Privacy Laws

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Did you know there are actual laws regarding Document Privacy and paper shredding? Most small businesses and residents are not aware of the laws for the proper disposal of records containing personal information. Massachusetts Attorney General is very serious about protecting residents and businesses from identity theft. It doesn’t matter if the information was used in a crime or the age of the documents, the mere fact that documents were disposed of in an improper manner will find that company or individual answering to the Attorney General’s office and in wrong side of the law. And in all likelihood, they will find themselves writing a large settlement check to the State and will incur a hefty legal bill.
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